Scott D. Wiele cofounds Everkleen

Among manufacturing facilities, industrial kitchens, fabric factories and other businesses of all shapes and sizes, dirt and grime can swiftly build around every crack and crevasse. To tackle this tough problem that many companies face when properly cleaning locations big and small, Scott D. Wiele cofounded Everkleen, a comprehensive cleaning, painting and resurfacing contractor that handles the job so businesses can remain mindful on the business at hand.

At Everkleen, management and production crews with years of experience provide the necessary services — from restoration to protective, corrosion, cleaning and more — to fit client needs. Every project is safe, environmentally sound and fairly priced whether large scale or a small cleaning task. Every project also utilizes the latest in technological advances to deliver a better experience that not just meets, but surpasses customer satisfaction.

Everkleen doesn’t just rely on its slogan — it’s a promise: “More ideas. Better solutions.” The talented team provides the most up-to-date ideas for completing every project. Contact Everkleen’s team of account executives today for more information on various services provided and to get a personalized estimate on an upcoming project at home or business.